The Westmoreland County Airport Authority is responsible for the operation of the County’s two aviation facilities: Arnold Palmer Regional Airport and Rostraver Airport. The original airport authority was named the Tri-City Municipal Authority and was incorporated on September 7, 1951. On July 13, 1970, the Authority was renamed the Westmoreland County Airport Authority.

The Authority holds monthly public meetings at 9:00 AM on the second Tuesday of every month in the Authority Board Room located at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport.

Current Authority Members
The nine non-paid board members are individually appointed to five year terms by the Westmoreland County Commissioners:
  • Anthony Ferrante – Chairman
  • R. Geraldine Drake – Vice Chairman
  • Donald Rossi – Secretary
  • John Finfrock – Treasurer
  • Oland Canterna – Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
  • Janice Smarto
  • Mark Gera
  • Edward Kilkeary Sr.
  • Arnold Palmer

The current Commissioners are:

  • Tom Balya, Chairman
  • Tom Ceraso
  • Charles W. Anderson

Executive Director:
Gabe Monzo

Administrative Assistant:
Linda Brasile

Donald Snyder

Meeting Minutes
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Press Releases
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