Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE)

Convenient, Courteous, and Caring!

Nestled in the scenic Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania and operated by the Westmoreland County Airport Authority, the airport is located on 750 acres along routes 30 and 981 in Unity Township. The Airport offers more than just an updated terminal and air-traffic control tower and a newly extended 8,224-foot-long runway.

(LBE)'s History

It started as the Longview Flying Field in 1924.

It became J.D. Hill Airport in 1928, Latrobe Airport in 1935 and Westmoreland County Airport in 1978.

Complimenting a rich history rooted in some of the earliest pioneers of aviation, the name was changed to Arnold Palmer Regional in 1999 to honor the Youngstown native golf legend who grew up less than a mile from the runway where he watched the world’s first official airmail pickup in 1939 and later learned to fly himself.

Pilots, air-traffic controllers and airlines still call it LBE.

Airport Staff

  • Executive Director: Gabe Monzo

  • Airport Manager: Moe Haas

  • Airport Engineer: Scott Kunselman

Pilot Information