Westmoreland County Airport Authority

Sean Kertes, Chairperson
Douglas Chew, Vice President
Ted Kopas, Secretary

Executive Director:
Gabe Monzo

Dan Hewitt

The Authority holds monthly public meetings at 9:00 AM on the second Tuesday of every month in the Authority Board Room located at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport unless otherwise advertised.

The nine non-paid board members are individually appointed to five year terms by the Westmoreland County Commissioners:

  • Donald J. Rossi, Chairman
  • Vincent Finoli, Vice Chairman
  • P. Richard Ridilla, Secretary
  • Edward J. Kilkeary, Sr., Treasurer
  • Gary Beck, Sr., Asst. Secretary-Treasurer
  • Mark Gera
  • Richard Pologruto
  • Paul Whittaker
  • Janice Smarto